Bardot Belle

Whether behind the camera or in front of it, BB is always dressed to thrill. The ultimate “/” with acting/singing/modeling and general “IT” girl status, BB was the complete package.


So I am finally getting around to doing a piece on this sultry siren. She is such an inspo to me in addition to being France’s answer to Italia’s Sophia Loren. Although this bombshell has not been immune to the unkind affects of aging, I prefer to remember her as she was in addition to her panache for street style.

Here, singing ‘Faite Pour Dormir’ in quintessential Bardot fashion, she is both adorable and sexy. Note the beginning of the video displaying her huge saucer eyes, pouty lips, gapped teeth and signature hair. Its no question where today’s Lara Stone gets her appeal and popularity from–she’s a dead ringer for Mademoiselle BB.

I actually laughed out loud when I realized the video takes place “under the sea.” Note the gloved hands moving back and forth like sea anemones. Its bizarre, but I am sure this was considered pretty nouveau and cutting edge at the time. Although BB is wearing a nude coloured stocking-type bodysuit with embellishments, its what she wore on movie sets and on the streets that really got her noticed.

Key Bardot pieces: circle dresses/skirts, jean short shorts, Cuissards (thigh high boots), Breton stripes, straw hats, gingham, headbands, espadrilles, trench coats and of course that crazy/beautiful blonde hair.

Although seen as quite seductive in contrast to the American standard (Doris Day who is wayyy vanilla) I see her as sort of the standard libertine, sensual French woman; always tasteful. Nothing atypical there.

Find my edit board that showcases key BB pieces. The colour scheme may seem a bit blah and conservative but it highlights whats necessary. Don’t forget Kohl eyeliner (OR red lipstick, not both) and a great white bikini. More BB to come: love life, film, music!
Tout fini!

What do you love about Mademoiselle Bardot?

Xo Kiki

Circle Skirt, Breton stripes, espadrilles, gingham and short shorts get you to BB status!

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One response to “Bardot Belle

  1. In the BB video at time 1:34 it looks like a stuffed animal cat is swimming next to her “under” the water…so odd! Thought you should know :)

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